Introducing The Studio Photography Corner


October 19, 2023


If you’ve been following along you will know that earlier this year I built my own home maternity and newborn photography studio and that I’ve recently launched ‘The Wedding Photography Corner’… So I had ‘Launch The Studio Photography Corner’ as a goal for the new year, but I thought ‘Actually? Why not just do it now!?’

The studio is all up and running now (after a lot of hard work) and I’ve loved the process of building it from scratch! It’s an all White, natural light studio based in Melksham, Wiltshire and my style is focusing on prop-free, baby led and natural posing with a clean and light edit. I’ve already had the most wonderful clients have sessions with me in my studio and I just absolutely love building my business and working on my brand, giving my clients beautiful photographs and connecting with everyone that my business is now bringing to me!

I’m completely self taught in photography and in all things running my business, I’ve just figured it all out as I’ve gone along! So now after 5 years of being self employed with my business, I feel like I now really understand my brand and my business values, and honestly I had to work through a whole lot of trial and error and mindset shifts to get to this point! I really want to be able to fast track you to where I am now, because honestly if I knew back then what I know now, then I would’ve gotten to this point a whole lot faster!! I genuinely believe if I can do it, then you can too!


The Studio Photography Corner is the home for all things studio photography education provided by me, Rebecca Casey Photography!

I’ve made a free Facebook group to provide a community and a safe space to be able to ask any questions… It’s a ‘corner of the internet’ for all things studio photography! Within the Facebook group I will also be doing live Q&A sessions and live sessions on topics that you need help with or that may be a useful discussion.


For more in depth help, I’m now offering Zoom mentor sessions! We can delve deeper into any questions or topics you need help with within your photography business!


As well as Zoom mentoring sessions and the Facebook group, The Studio Photography Corner is also going to consist of online courses & digital products (I already have so many ideas up my sleeve!)

So here it is, photography education by Rebecca Casey Photography! – The Studio Photography Corner is just getting started and is currently just a little seedling of what it’s going to become!

Please feel free to invite any studio photographer friends you may have to the group and please spread the word! I cannot wait for the group to grow and be able to provide a community where everybody is cheering each other on!

If you’re a studio photographer, or just interested in getting started, then I would absolutely LOVE for you to join The Studio Photography Corner Facebook Group! – Click here to join The Studio Photography Corner

You can also find full education information now on my website here –

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