Albums & Products

It's no secret that we live in a digital age... It's so easy to share the Instagram post or make that Facebook album. But what would happen if those apps were to disappear tomorrow? Or the cloud no longer existed? Where would your photos be? On a hard drive 'somewhere safe' or a USB? Unfortunately hard drives fail, and USB ports eventually change and become incompatible with your computer as time goes on. Even social media platforms fade away! Remember Myspace? 

There's just something so beautiful about digging out my childhood photos, my parents wedding album, my grandparents photos when they were young, the list goes on! Now being a photographer, I may be completely biased! But swiping through your photos on your device just doesn't compare to physically holding your most treasured photographs.

Albums & prints are heirlooms made to stand the test of time


Believe me when I say I have spent an unbelievable amount of time defining and perfecting my editing signature style and using a professional lab means you will get the most true to colour of my original edit within your final prints and products.

All of my galleries include a personal license with an unlimited print release. Meaning you are able to print your photos however, wherever and as many times as you like! However, please be aware that the ink quality, paper quality, even the computer software linked to the printer will all be a factor in how 'true to edit' the final colours will be.

Using my professional lab I can guarantee luxury, hand crafted, quality prints & products accurately representing the colours of my original edit.

Price List

25X25CM / 10X10" - 15 SPREADS .......... 350.00
30X30CM / 12X12" - 15 SPREADS .......... 400.00

album extras
additional spread ....................... 15.00 
TEXT ON FRONT COVER ................... 10.00
acrylic photo cover ................... 40.00
album slipcase .............................. 50.00

folio box
13X18CM / 5X7" - 10 PRINTS ................. 80.00
13X18CM / 5X7" - 20 PRINTS ................ 120.00
Add USB ............................................ 40.00

15X15CM / 6X6" ................................... 60.00
20X20CM / 8X8" ................................. 80.00
20X30CM / 8X12" ................................ 90.00

USB box ............................................ 65.00

Please note for albums:
- Pricing includes the design fee which covers the initial design and a further two revisions if required. 
- An additional charge of £30 will be incurred PER EACH extra design revision there after.  
- £100 is required upfront before any design work commences. This secures the design time in my diary.


LeatherettesVegan friendly leatherettes are made from synthetic materials, a great choice for those craving the look and feel of real leather.

Textiles - Textiles are perfect for anyone craving an aesthetically pleasing, durable linen product that is soft to the touch.

Duo Textiles - Duo Textiles are the perfect choice for individuals craving a unique product. They are one-of-a-kind materials that change colour right before your eyes.

Velvets & Suedes - Vegan friendly rich and soft velvets & suedes in a selection of beautiful colours.


Mohawk Eggshell - A fine art, matte paper with natural fibres and a texture resembling that of an eggshell.

Fuji Silk - A half-matte paper with a texture resembling that of a fine honeycomb.

Canon Deep Matte - A smooth gloss-less and almost velvet to the touch paper. 

additional cover options

Text On Front Cover - Up to two lines of text, with a maximum of 25 characters each, UV printed or laser etched in a position of your choice in the font 'Cinzel'
Unavailable with acrylic photo cover positions AP2 & AP9

Acrylic Photo Cover - Your photo inside a stunning 'glass like' acrylic cover. Available in a variety of positions. Only laser etched cover text available with acrylic covers.

text positions

acrylic positions



Slipcases are an ideal way to protect your Photo Album. Each Slipcase is made to match your album & the option to add text to the cover. The interior of the Slipcase is finished in a soft, velvet-like material in two colours and the colour is chosen at default to best match the exterior.


A tri-fold centrepiece of 3 photo cards printed on Fuji Silk paper with a cover fabric of your choice  & the option to add text to the cover. The perfect complement to any home. Perched upon a bookshelf, fireplace mantel, dresser, or desk the Triplex makes the ideal gift for a friend or relative.


A handcrafted box in a fabric option of your choice & the option to add text to the cover. Paired with a selection of matted prints mounted in a white frame. Option to add a USB.
Mounted frame size 5x7" - Print size 4x5"


A 14x13 cm / 5x5.5" USB box, personalised externally with a fabric of your choice & the option to add text to the cover. Personalised internally with the photo of your choice on the left hand side and the USB itself is black and housed on the right hand side within black foam.

how to order & t&C's

- Email me with the album size and/or product type you'd like. I'm always happy to jump on a call if you'd like to discuss in more detail or if you need any more information. 
- Please list all of the photos you'd like included. They're all numbered within your online gallery.
- Albums include 60 photos before requiring additional spreads.
- 1 spread = 2 pages
- I will design your album which you can view for approval via my online proofing system.
- For albums, the price includes three design revisions, this is the initial design and then two further design revisions if required. Any additional design revisions there after are £30 each.
- For albums, £100 is required upfront before any design work commences. This secures the design time in my diary
- Once your final album design has been approved, the remaining balance (minus the £100 already paid) is due before your order is sent for production. 
- For all other products, full payment is required before I send your order for production.
- Once your order is sent for production, the order cannot be cancelled and the final payment is non refundable.
- Once your order is sent for production, please allow up to 4 weeks to receive your order.
- Skilled artisans individually hand craft every item at my professional lab and they guarantee satisfaction with the workmanship. Your order will initially be delivered to me, where I can further quality check your order. Once I've witnessed & ensured everything is perfect with your order, I will then send it to you using the tracked & signed for service via Royal Mail.
- Upon receipt of receiving and signing for your order, any damage must be reported to me within 48 hours. Please also provide photographic evidence of the packaging so I can file a claim with Royal Mail.