Starsign - Gemini

Favourite colour - Turquoise

I've been veggie for 20 years and vegan for the past 7!

Favourite animal - Penguin

I qualified as a Registered Veterinary Nurse in 2014

I got engaged at Minnewater Lake in Bruges 

I'm a cruise addict... Can't beat sailing into a sunset!


A few random facts about me...

I spend most of my wedding-free weekends down at my parents’ caravan in Weymouth, walking along the sand and watching the waves break with my lovely little family. Eating chip shop chips & ice cream (mint choc chip of course!) and diving into the arcades every chance I get! (don’t you just LOVE it when you get a whole heap of 2ps to drop?!)

I am obsessed with Bruce Springsteen (Thanks Dad!), who takes a close third place to my affections behind Jonny and Connie. So if I'm not binging a podcast, then it's Bruce playing through the house! 

I love swimming, which balances out the calories of my lifelong love affair of biscuits and donuts! After a long day of being sat at my screen editing gorgeous weddings and looking after Connie & Brendan, popping to our local pool is my zen time!

PS dogs at weddings... In my opinion, are always a good idea!

When I’m not out and about being a wedding photographer in the Cotswolds or at home editing, I’m a blissfully contented home bod! I love curling up on the sofa with my husband and children, sipping tea and powering my way through a pack of Bourbons! 

About Me

my favourite things

- Boxer dogs & Beagles

- Thank you cards from clients 

- The Happy Donut Co vegan donuts!

- Manifestation & The Law of Attraction

- Crystals

- This Country (Kerry Mucklowe is my spirit animal!)

- Swimming

- Judge Judy

- Full Body Massages

- Arcade 2p machines

- Green tea

- Bruce Springsteen

- Manta Rays

- Snorkelling (Somewhere tropical!)

- Bourbon biscuits

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Getting married really is an amazing experience. An awesome party with all your favourite people, and a whole day filled with wonderful little moments between the two of you. Holding hands under the table, cuddles, kisses, giggles, and secret glances at each other that say, “I can’t believe we’re married!” 

And as your wedding photographer, I’ll capture that experience for you, not interrupt it. 

But I also want us to get to know each other. So you feel at home and comfortable with me, and it’s like having another good friend by your side on the day. Because when you have fun and let your guard down, that’s when we’ll catch those real moments, and get the photos that will mean everything to you in years to come. The ones that'll make you smile every time you look at them, because you will remember being so full of joy when they were taken.

What will it be like having me as your wedding photographer?

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My favourite weddings are the ones filled with beautiful little touches of care. Where every detail has had love and attention poured into it. Because to you as the couple, it isn’t just a legal necessity, or a glorified party. You’ve put so much effort into making everything perfect, because your love for each other is the most important thing in your life.

And so I’ll make sure every little detail of your gallery is perfect too. So after your wedding is over, you’ll be left with a gallery that does justice to how beautiful your day really was. Leaving you with romantic, modern, artistic photography that you really do love. That will mean as much to you in years to come as your wedding day does now.

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in the Cotswolds, Wiltshire, Somerset or surrounding areas and love my work, I’d be so excited to hear from you!